Charles Krug

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Napa’s oldest winery knows a thing or two when it comes to Napa Valley’s history. The winery was founded in 1861 by the eponymous Prussian emigrant, but was eventually transferred to Cesare and Rosa Mondavi in 1943; thus began the legacy of one of the greatest wine families in the world. Charles Krug’s contributions to American viticulture cannot be understated—winemaker Peter Mondavi was the first to incorporate new French Oak, use malolactic fermentation on his whites, and label wines according to the varietal (instead of style). Today, Charles Krug’s Napa Valley legacy continues in the wine space as well as within the world arts and culture. Charles Krug has recently emerged as a prominent cultural hub for the Napa Valley through continuous support of events such as the Napa Valley Film Festival.

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