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  • To-Go Purchases, Curbside Pick-Up, Free Delivery to our North Fork Community
  • Quarantine Kits: Filled With Items That Pair Perfectly With Our Wine (Meats, Cheeses, Pecans, Spreads, & Crackers)
  • Color & Sip Coloring Book: Leveraging Our Beautiful Illustrations Created By Renowned Artist, Merijn Hos
  • At-Home Blending Session Kits: 1x Beaker, 4x Carafes of Red Wine (Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, Petit Verdot), 2x RGNY Dancing Glasses, 1x RGNY Brand Book, 2x Tasting Booklets, 2x Tasting Placemats, & 2x RGNY Pens
  • At-Home Tasting Kits: 2x Wine Bottles (Consumers Choice), 2x RGNY Dancing Glasses, 1x RGNY Brand Book, 2x Tasting Booklets, & 2x RGNY Pens
  • Curbside Drive-Thru Wine Stand (weather permitting)
  • E-Commerce With Free Delivery to all of NY

The doors of RGNY’s tasting room are always open to anyone who is looking to immerse themselves in the ever-changing world of wine.

Dubbed the ‘New Kid on the North Fork,’ RGNY has dedicated itself to understanding the region while holding in regard its Mexican heritage—which is exclusive to the brand.

With a nod to culture, RGNY is able to provide a unique perspective that can be seen in both their winemaking process and in their authentic consumer experiences. With the goal of fostering the Rivero González legacy into a new chapter, RGNY aims to add a level of precision to their craft, design to their approach, and a genuine relationship with their customers.

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Quarantine Kits: $28
Color & Sip Coloring Book: $10
At-Home Blending Session Kits: $80
At-Home Tasting Kits: $60

All kits can currently be purchased in our Tasting Room but we’ll soon be launching them on our e-commerce site as well!

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