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André Tixier decided to make champagne from the grapes on his property and market them under his own name in 1926 when his son, Robert, was born.

Today, Patrice, Robert’s son has followed the family tradition and passed on his father’s and grandfather’s know-how to his own son, Julien.

The unique taste of our champagne has been perpetuated from generation to generation and has ensured the sustainability of our brand over time.

Location, Location, Premier Cru Classification
From the Montagne de Reims, Julien Tixier crafts a magical wonder at his precious jewel of a micro-house, named after his great-grandfather, Andre Tixier & Fils. Pampered and produced with hard-won certifications in environmentally sustainable farming and climate stewardship, the entire range is from 100% 1st growth fruit making a discovery such as this the reason why we chase the Champagne dragon! The soil and near-perfect slope of Tixier’s holdings make the connection between heaven and earth clear, but it’s the wine itself that has the toes curled and thighs slapped.

Premier Cru! Don’t cheat yourself!

Of the 18,000+ growers in Champagne, only 4000+ own their vineyards 100% and make the wine, what we commonly call “Grower” Champagne, generally in petit/small quantities. And only 5% of these are even imported into the U.S.!

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