Vinely Wine Club

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Vinely is a monthly subscription wine club. Our goal is to introduce you to artisanal, small-batch wines from boutique local wineries.

Vinely was born out of our love for wine and the belief that enjoying high quality wines from local wineries should not be exclusive, expensive, or too much of a commitment. Our wine club will allow you to enjoy the perks of any traditional wine club, including club member discounts and complimentary wine tastings at each of the wineries, but with more variety and greater flexibility. Every month we’ll deliver to your door 3 bottles of wines from a different winery, personally selected by the winemaker. This way, you’re able to try different wines and experience new wineries.

We decided to promote small production wineries because we know that their craft is made with hard work and a lot of love. From farming, vineyard management, and harvest, to fermentation, bottling, and sales, they’re the ones who put their heart and soul into the craft we dearly love. Sourcing wines from family-owned and operated wineries enables us to offer a product that reflects the social, economic, and environmental values of producers who have a stake in the communities in which they operate.

By introducing their hand-crafted wines to you, we hope that those who stand out will receive your continued support, either through our wine club, their tasting room, or the next time you stumble upon their wines at your neighborhood restaurant! We invite you to join us and celebrate your local wine producers.

How to support

3 bottles from a different winery each month
25% discount on all wines
Complementary tastings in all club wineries
Skip a month or cancel anytime

Membership price: $45-75/month depending on the monthly winery selection.

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