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We are proudly a small production wine label that is intimately tied to the family land where we the grapes are sourced. Our wines have unique characteristics due to the strength of the terroir, the sustainable farming practices by Warnecke Ranch & Vineyard, and the light hand that we practice in the cellar. Located on Chalk Hill Road, just East of Healdsburg, our wines are a true expression of the place that holds our hearts, where Alice Warnecke Sutro (Founder, Owner, Operator) grew up and where she now raises her kids. At the crossroads of four AVAs, at the southern end of Alexander Valley, the oceanic influence from the Russian River fronting the blocks that are perched on Maacama Mountain foothills, balances the long hot growing season temps for perfect slow ripening: nuances aromas, good acidity and smooth but bold tannins. Alice founded the company in 2012 with her husband but took over in 2017 managing all aspects of the business. She is dedicated to making wine from this land that has been in her family since 1911, but without losing sight of her art. She draws portraits and writes about art and wine philosophy. Her art is a bigger project too, one that lives and grows daily with the attempt to integrate grape growing, small wine production, creative marketing, authentic hospitality and artistic passion.

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