Campana Ranch Winery

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After 30 years of vineyard management in both Napa and Sonoma Counties as well as home winemaking for friends and family, Steve Bell created his own boutique winery, which produces 750 cases of ultra-premium red and white wines. Decades of vineyard management puts Steve in the best place from which to make decisions about crop choice.

What else makes Campana Ranch wines different from other wines is that they are all handcrafted. Steve does most everything by hand from pruning and harvesting in his own vineyard, to press, racking and bottling of the wines. He attends to each and every barrel of wine himself. For Steve, wine-making is an art. With each vintage and varietal having it’s own personality, Steve’s eclectic sense of style that goes into each bottle is showcased in the individual personality of each of his wines.

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