Haak Vineyards and Winery

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In 1969, dedicated lovers of wine, Gladys and Raymond Haak were celebrating their 10 th wedding anniversary. Gladys decided the perfect gift for her husband would be two Concord grape vines. The pair loved wine and it was a way to expand their hobby that they could enjoy together. She couldn’t possibly have known that she would be creating what would become Haak Vineyards.

The fire was stoked. With these two vines began an intense experimentation process. The experimentation lead Raymond to focus on the Blanc du Bois grape, which responded well to the hot and humid temperatures. As a result, Haak began to garner a reputation for excellence.

Haak routinely produces Regional, US, and International award-winning wines from many of the 20+ wines produced at the winery and is but one of a handful of wineries in the US that produce internationally acclaimed Madeira.

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