Supporting Black Owned Wineries

Recent events have amplified the importance of support – both in words and in actions – when fighting systemic issues, particularly those that disproportionately impact people of color. At its core, this platform is about helping wine lovers discover and support wineries they may not have access to otherwise.

There’s no filter on major wine websites to shop black owned wineries. When I saw lists being shared on Instagram, I reached out to Aryanna of @roseandchambray to ask if I could share her list as a starting point.

And frankly, the fact that a list like this needs to exist points out that this is a problem in our beloved wine industry too. There are over 10,000 wineries in the US and this list has 29 (and growing) black owned wineries.

Shopping black owned businesses is just one way to put action behind your words. Donate, read, watch, and listen.






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