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My name is Amanda Greenbaum. I run operations at my family’s winery, AJA Vineyards. We’re a boutique winery based in the Malibu Coast. Though we are small, we’ve been in several restaurants in our surrounding areas namely The Four Seasons Westlake Village restaurants and the Neiman Marcus Café in Topanga.

Our winery has thrived mostly on our presence at restaurants and boutique wine shops. With these not being frequented, we’re not receiving orders. We were in the midst of applying for tasting room locations when the virus hit Los Angeles and we had to halt our search until further notice. This sets us back at least six months in the process of having a tasting room.

In 2011, when I was 14 years old, we started making wine from the vines in our backyard. We still make the wines from those same vines and have been winning awards on these wines since! In 2018 we braved the Woolsey Fire miraculously, leaving our vines almost entirely untouched as the fire engulfed several neighboring houses and properties in our home of Lobo Canyon.

Our goal as a winery is to embody the Malibu Coast and the Malibu native culture through our wines. Malibu Coast is a new AVA producing some fantastic wines. Our wines are complex yet approachable, easy to drink during the day on the beach, or in the evening at a nice dinner.

We hope that when you enjoy our wines you can taste the passion that we put into every bottle, and the recipe of love, family, and resilience we bring along.

To read more about our winery visit www.ajavineyards.com/pages/about-us

Amanda Greenbaum, Vice President & Winemaker

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All of our products are available for purchase and our Sauvignon Blanc will be released on April 1st! Visit our website and buy $50 worth of wine and merch to receive 20% discount! Or buy $100+ to get free shipping as well.

You can also join our wine club to get shipments 3x a year, or if you don’t want that much of a commitment we have our Winemaker’s Seasonal Selection which will be Spring ready on March 22nd! Until then we still have our winter selection available. $125 for 3 wines hand selected by our winemaker with free shipping!


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