Free shipping nationwide PLUS in Cape Town area free delivery of bread, meat, beer and coffee from small local businesses. All the details are here!

It’s a crazy time and the hospitality industry is facing turmoil. This industry is entirely reliant on people going out and having fun, which is exactly what this motherflipping bug is preventing us doing.

And so we want to do what we can. We want to keep selling wine. We want to support other local businesses at the same time. We want to use the resources at hand.

So if you’re based in Cape Town, from next week you can order from some of our favourite local business friends and we’ll bring it all to you along with your Publik wine order. No extra charge, no delivery charge at all. You order direct from them, we simply act as a delivery service and ensure it gets to you in a single drop-off.

Our partners to start are Jason Bakery, Deluxe Coffee, Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants and Jack Black Brewery. Go to for all the details.

All the details are at:

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