Forlorn Hope

We are offering 50% off ground shipping for 3+ bottles. Offer expires 5/5/2020.

We hope that whenever you can, you spend dollars on small businesses whether it be food, beer, coffee, wine…we are all in this together and lifting each other is the only way to get through. We thank you so much for your support from the bottom of our hearts. Much love. 

– The Forlorn Hope Team

About Forlorn Hope

Matthew Rorick, over 15 years ago, broke away from the standard, clinical way of winemaking, and started a venture very unique at the time in California. He decided to seek out farmers growing grape varieties long forgotten in the wave of Chard, Cab and Pinot. Grapes that had been the viticultural history of California or even grapes he had never even heard of. From this rare fruit, he created wine with no additions, save for minimal sulfur, and no filtration or fining. He now organically farms a vineyard on limestone slopes in Calaveras County, where over 40 different grape varieties live.
“Rare Creatures from appellations unknown and varieties uncommon, these wines are our brave advance party, our pride and joy, our Forlorn Hope.”

How to Support

Through our online shop and our tasting room Outland, we are offering 50% off ground shipping for 3+ bottle orders. Visit our online store to place an order! Offer expires 5/5/2020. Give us a follow on Instagram to learn more about our wine!

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