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On orders of 3 or more bottles: Free shipping within California; 50% off shipping to all other states (can’t ship to Kentucky, Mississippi, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota). Valid until 6/30.

Dear wine enthusiasts,

First off, I hope everyone around the Bay Area and the country are safe and taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy. That’s the top priority.

Thank you to all that have supported us over the last two weeks. During these unprecedented times, businesses everywhere are feelings the effects of COVID-19.

Within the wine industry, beyond tasting rooms being closed, the whole network of operations are being dismantled as well. For many small wineries, many without tasting rooms, we rely on connecting with our consumers at wine festivals and various tasting events. The effects of COVID-19 has cancelled or postponed nearly all of our events through May! That is huge revenue lost.

Our shipping warehouse has also closed until April 8th because it’s a “non-essential business”; but that hasn’t stopped Montagne Russe. We have pulled cases from the warehouse so that we can still fulfill orders.

Want to help us? Just buy some wine! It’s truly the best way to help us get through these tough times. We’re offering free shipping in California, and 50% off shipping outside of California.

These are tough times and we will get through this together. Support your local small businesses, be kind to one another, and take this time to enjoy family and the simple things in life (like a great bottle of wine!).

Kevin Bersofsky, Owner & Winemaker

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