Hannah’s Recommendations

I’m Hannah – a California native who loves ALL things wine, but am a self-proclaimed Pinot Noir addict.  Before Shelter in Place was a thing, I frequented Napa and Sonoma County wineries and also spent some time in the Willamette Valley and Santa Barbara.  My favorite thing about wine is how it connects people and my favorite bottles and producers often come from folks I’ve been able to meet in person.

Hannah, @vinoforbreakfast

Picking just a few recommendations was HARD WORK with so many incredible producers on the site, but here are my personal favorites:

Copain Wines

Why I love it: Back when we used to be able to visit wineries, I fell in love with Copain on first visit.  It’s got the best views of Russian River Valley and some of the highest caliber pinot I’ve tasted to date (and I say this as someone who has tried a LOT of pinot noir.)

What to buy: Anything Anderson Valley pinot…my favorites to date are from the Kiser Vineyard but the Maggy Hawk pinot is a stunner as well. 

Medlock Ames

Why I love it: You ever have a place that you’ve gone to for the first time that feels so familiar you feel like you must have been there before? That’s me with Medlock Ames.  When I visited last June it was over 90 degrees and people were still putting back glasses of cabernet and Snakepit red no problem – it’s just that worthy.

What to buy:  My favorite bottle from Medlock Ames is actually their sauvignon blanc, but they are known for their Bordeaux varietals and Snakepit red. 

Montagne Russe

Why I love it: I first had Montagne Russe wines at the Healdsburg Crush event and knew I had to have more  from this super cool, small production spot. While they make mostly pinot noir (and yes, I’ve tried all of them and yes, I loved all of them), they make some killer cool climate Syrah that convinced me I even liked Syrah.  

What to buy: Dragon’s Back Pinot, Spring Hill Ranch Pinot, Alder Springs Syrah

Ironhorse Vineyards

Why I love it: I’m not usually a bubbles person, but Ironhorse has convinced me I could be.  All I’ve been craving during long quarantine workdays is a glass of Russia Cuvee…not going to share at what hour this craving starts.  They do beautiful outdoor tastings that start as early as 10am, so you can truly have some “vino for breakfast” and sip in style.

What to buy: Russia Cuvee and Ocean Reserve