About #SupportOurWineries

COVID-19 is a global challenge, and impacting billions of people and businesses. The wine industry is amongst the many affected. As wine lovers and consumers, we would like to encourage our wine-loving community to continue to support our local businesses, and “help wineries thrive through social distancing”. There are many ways we can help from afar, through online purchase, gift cards, or spreading the word of the businesses affected and how we can help.

I created #SupportOurWineries as a platform to collect the ways that consumers can help support the wines we love and the businesses that make them. Please consider supporting your favorite wineries and sharing this initiative using the #SupportOurWineries hashtag on social media.

Rachel, The Wine Nerd

About The Wine Nerd

The Wine Nerd started as an Instagram account about #data about wine. Over this journey, I’ve realized that accessibility of information is something that everyone in the industry struggles with… from access to data, access to information, and what really matters… access to insights! #SupportOurWineries is an example of that: improving access for wineries to consumers interested in showing support, and access for consumers to give that support.

The Wine Nerd is growing, and we’re taking on bigger challenges. Our next project is crowdsourcing and aggregating the world’s wine knowledge… but more on that soon! Today, I care about supporting our wineries.

A few shoutouts!

#SupportOurWineries was made possible through the wine community as a whole. I want to raise a glass to a few who were instrumental in getting this off the ground!

and many more! Seriously the wine community is awesome. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.